AMCIS 2022 Video Upload

Thank you for participating in AMCIS 2022. As you know, AMCIS 2022 will be held in person. However, based on the success of the author-videos embedded in the AIS library along with the accepted papers over the past two years, the conference committee has made author-videos a required component for papers. Detailed information about the author-video is included below. Please use this site to submit your required author-video file.  

Benefits of your video in AIS eLibrary

In order to create a more immersive and inclusive experience, AMCIS 2022 authors are asked to create a short author-video about the paper with the aim of enhancing impact, inclusivity, and the global reach of your research. Consistent with the past two years, the author-videos will be posted directly on your article’s landing page in the AIS eLibrary. Author-videos were added as a feature in the AIS eLibrary in May 2020 and they have proven to be incredibly beneficial to both authors and the entire field. By including an author video, you are increasing your research reach and audience.

  • As of one year after the Virtual Conference Series (VCS) 2020, the average paper was “downloaded” 51 times.
  • As of one year after the Virtual Conference Series (VCS) 2020, the average “author-video was streamed” 52 times.
  • The number of “abstract views” of AMCIS 2020 papers quadrupled in volume compared to pre-pandemic AMCIS conference levels (from 57 to 268 per paper), one year
  • Provides for a more comprehensive view of the paper, research methods, findings, research team, etc.

Please complete the required * fields below so this file can be posted to the correct article in the AMCIS 2022 proceedings in the AIS eLibrary.


VIDEO SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED!: no later than July 14, 2022

Please observe the following guidelines:

  • Video length – maximum:
    • Full Research Papers: 12-15 minutes
    • ERF Papers: 5-7 minutes
  • File formats for videos (must be rendered files only)
    • Preferred: MP4, MOV, MP3
    • Also accepted: 3gp, asx, avi, f4v, flv, mkv, wmv
  • File name: must include paper ID #. Example
    • AMCIS22_manuscript_id_1234.[file type]
  • File Size: 1 GB or less
  • Style: Screen capture recordings, using applications such as Zoom, Skype, or Camtasia, are strongly recommended. If possible, you are encouraged to use an application that also allows for the presenter to be shown, as in the example shown here:
  • If other types of recordings must be used (e.g., videos taken on a phone), please ensure that the video is in landscape mode and that any text, images, or other visual elements can be clearly seen.

Accepted papers will become available in the AIS eLibrary, approximately two weeks prior to the conference. Pre-recorded videos will become available at the start of the conference. As in prior years, conference participants can asynchronously view and post comments/questions on each paper.

Please note:  All videos in AIS eLibrary are stored behind a password-wall, on a packet-encrypted server and cannot be downloaded by site visitors.   (Please note there is no click-stream advertisement in the eLibrary and is strictly prohibited.)

Please contact with any uploading questions